Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Evacuation (day 15)

We are staying in the amazing area of Brooklyn called Red Hook but it unfortunately falls in Zone A,  an evacuation Zone. Despite our desire to stay, we decide to leave.
Nina and Mike pack up our electrical tools, mortar and grout and we head home. We will return on the weekend to finish the job. We`ve heard the good news that the work site is up and running again and that the mosaic was not damaged at all.

Race Against the Storm

Today is Sunday and the work site is closed tomorrow in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy so we would like to finish the installation of all the pieces.

We don`t have too much left to install but it is already very windy and raining which makes our workday a little uncomfortable.

Not to mention the tight spots left.

We are about to install the last piece of the mosaic.

End of day 14!

Lucky 13

As we finish the treatment on the left side, our scaffolding gets dismantled to be moved to the right side.

We can now reach the top row!

Mike starts troweling for the first piece of the day...

While we continue peeling.

End of day 13!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alyson visited the site today to check out and approve the color of caulk. She approves!

It's subtle but for people looking closely, they will find Alyson's signature glazed onto the tiles.

The whole left side is grouted and caulked and Ferrucio and Mike are treating the grout. With the left side done, the large scaffolding can be moved to the other side so we can continue to install.

End of day 12!

Latitude 40.25

Mike is testing out the caulking.

While we continue grouting.

There is an expansion joint above the doors that we have to cut the mosaic to fit.

The large latitude piece is being installed. The Latitude coordinate marks a spot in water (this mosaic represents an antique nautical map) not far from Smith and 9th.

Late into the night, we finally get to the other side!

End of day 11!

We started grouting today.

And we are making our way around the second door.

Because we cut the mosaic to fit on site we have to install above the door and around it first in order to know where the pieces below it should be cut.

Nina is buffing the area we grouted today.

End of day 10!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Locals Only

Alyson came by today to check out our progress and to decide on a grout color.

We installed above the door today.

Because there is a straight latitude line running through the whole mosaic, Mike makes sure it's level.
Because there are still many workers in this area, we protect the mosaic where we think people are most likely to hit it.
End of day 9!